As I write this post I am in shock and disbelief. There’s going to be a Spiderman 5 and 6?!! What is going on right now? Spiderman 4 has always been a redemption project in my eyes, so I let it slide under the radar. Yet according to Variety, a writer by the of James Vanderbilt has been hired to pen the 5th and the 6th installment of the web slinging franchise. Why would they do something like this you ask?

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Vanderbilt was the first writer brought in for the Spiderman 4 script, before it was rewritten twice over. Sources say, Sam Raimi wasn’t a fan of all of his ideas, but Sony still hired him for the fifth and sixth films. Both movies will have an interconnected storyline, and would benefit if they were shot back to back or simultaneously. Unfortunately, no one knows if the film’s stars Tobey Maguire or Kristen Dunst will return for either of them.

At this point I feel that Sony is trying to pump this property for all it’s worth. Maguire can’t get by on that boyish face forever, and Dunst was never a great Mary Jane in my eyes. What are they trying to do? Are they going to milk every storyline the comic has got to offer? Spiderman 4 is supposed to be the start of a franchise reboot, so why would they start their new beginning with actors who could jump ship at any moment? Talk about lack of continuity. It was like pulling teeth to get them back on board for four. I am wholeheartedly against this.

What do you think of a new Spiderman Trilogy? Should they keep going or stop after four?