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This past weekend the little engine that could District 9, dominated the box office with a hefty 37 million dollars in box office receipts. The Neill Blomkamp directed and Peter Jackson produced flick has got critics and viewers in a tizzy over their need for more Prawns! In a typical Hollywood move, sequel talk has reared its ugly head and people are yearning for a possible District 10.

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Even before District 9 hit theaters to become the success that it is, Blomkamp responded to rumors surrounding a possible follow up. In our second part of Neill Blomkamp interview he told us:

So what do you say to District 10?

N: Yeah, I will totally consider it as long as the public likes it.

Do you have any idea what you would do with it?

N: I have an inclination, but I haven’t thought about it enough. I just want to return to that world and work on it.

Over at SeattlePi, the director stated, “If the audience wanted another film, yeah, it would be super-cool to go into the backstory of the aliens.” That was just last Thursday, before the 30 million dollar film recouped it’s budget and then some. You know executives can’t let that type of success go.

If they were to make a sequel to the film, what type of stories could he further explore? What about Wilkus and his outcome? If they dug deep enough I’m sure they could find something. My main concern deals with greedy Hollywood types not knowing when to leave well enough alone. This film has been received with so much positivity. I’d hate to see District 10 compromise the reputation of it’s predecessor for the sake of money.

Do you think they should make a District 9 sequel or should they leave well enough alone?