brewsters millions

I’d heard early rumors about this latest remake, and now I have to confirm that it’s true. The 1985 comedy Brewster’s Millions is getting remade. The film starred the late great Richard Pryor, and was directed by Walter Hill. According to THR, Warner Bros have brought on two new writers to pen a script for an updated version of the tale.

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The film’s story is based off the George Barr McCutcheon novel of the same name, which was first published back in 1902. This remake will be the eighth incarnation of the popular story about “a man who inherits $1 million from a rich grandfather. When a rich uncle who hated the grandfather also passes away, the will leaves the young man $7 million — but under the condition he spends the grandfather’s million within a year and not end up with any assets from the spending spree.”

Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan have been hired to write the new script for Warners. Almost 25 years after the last take on the novel, we have a new generation to appease. I wonder if they’ll still call it Brewster’s Millions or just Brewsters? Something to jazz it up for the younger kids. I thought Richard Pryor’s performance was golden in the his version so I don’t know who they could get to top that. No Adam Sandlers need apply, he had his shot with Mr. Deeds.

What do you think about a Brewster’s Millions Remake?