Bad Lieutenant 1

I have to be honest, the original 1992 version of Bad Lieutenant scared me, and this remake is following suit. The original starred Harvey Kietel in the title role of a morally bankrupt law man. While trying to solve a murder he exposes his own personal demons which include drug addiction, theft, and gambling.

In the new version entitled, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Nicolas Cage takes on the lead role, and he terrifies me in every way. View some official production photos below.

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It’s another team up of Cage and Eva Mendes for our viewing pleasure (or poison). The two actors previously starred in the 2007 comic adaptation Ghost Rider. Another interesting casting note comes in the form of rapper-actor Xzibit aka Alvin Joiner. I was going to try and avoid saying anything about Val Kilmer, but when I look at the above photo it reminds me that Batman Forever was a long time ago!

What do you think of the first photos from Bad Lieutenant?