We’ve seen nothing by Na’vi posters in promotion of James Cameron‘s 3-D film Avatar. I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever get to see Sam Worthington in his human state. My prayers have been answered because a new photo has been released from the film, and it features Worthington without the aid of CGI! Over at /Film, they’ve posted the epic image that features his character sitting beside a tank that happens to have his avatar floating in it. Creepy.

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Granted I hate his military haircut, but at least it’s him. I love the fact that we get to see him side by side with the other version of his character, Jake Sully. Avatar won’t hit theaters until December 18th, but 16 minutes of footage from the film will be shown across the country on August 21st. It’s Avatar Day and it will be the last chance for audiences to get a preview of the movie before it comes out.

What do you think about the first offical photo from Avatar?

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