district-9 8-12-09AH

After seeing the posters, the trailers, the image of an alien-like figure with its spaceship, the time has come; Neill Bloomkamp‘s District 9 comes out this week. The sci-fi thriller has been getting a lot of hype, let’s hope it delivers. On the complete opposite end of the movie spectrum, we have the romantic-drama The Time Traveler’s Wife starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams (you know you have a hit love story when McAdams plays the lead female role). And did anyone even know Ashton Kutcher had a movie coming out this week? Well, he does. It is comedy called Spread and it also stars Anne Heche. We probably didn’t know much about it, besides the trailer we showed you back in July, because it doesn’t seem like a movie worth knowing about, but I might be wrong.

Here are the movies coming out August 14th:

Watch the Trailers:

District 9



The Time Traveler’s Wife

Earth Days



Tell us what your favorite movie coming out this week is and why.