According to the LA Times, Kate Winslet has taken on the lead role in the remake of Mildred Pierce, a film most remembered for starring Joan Crawford and those infamous eyebrows. This time around, it will be a miniseries event as opposed to a single feature. It hasn’t been picked up by anybody at the moment, but HBO is interested in the project. The adaptation is to be lead by Todd Haynes ( I’m Not There), who will also direct the project.

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Mildred Pierce is a Depression-era dramatic piece about a single mother struggling to provide for her two daughters. She begins waiting tables to provide for her family, upsetting her ungrateful daughter Veda, who has visions of keeping an air of society and wealth. After the death of the younger daughter Kay from pneumonia, Mildred’s life is completely devoted to the ingrate Veda. Mildred is willing to do anything for her, including going to jail after Veda murders her step-father.

Let me first say, this is mildly frightening. First of all, all Joan Crawford movies are ridiculously over-the-top, and the plot is a tad, um, dramatic. It kind of reminds me of the Spanish soap operas I used to watch growing up. The movie did well when it came out in 1945, but audiences were much different from what they are now; there is a certain cheese-factor in these movies.

I wonder how they will update it? Will they keep the setting during the depression or have it in the present day? In addition, the thought of making this into a miniseries is perplexing. Why would they do that? This could either be amazing, or go terribly wrong.  If HBO is interested, then my hopes on this would greatly improve .

What do you think?