criminal macabre

Here’s another comic book adaptation coming your way. According to Variety, Universal has plans to adapt the Dark Horse comic Criminal Macabre into a live action feature film. Macabre is a comic miniseries that was created by Steve Niles back in 1990. So, almost twenty years after the fact a movie studio has shown some interest. How will they handle this property?

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Kyle Ward has been hired to write the screenplay for the film version of the popular series. “The story centers around a supernatural detective who doubles as hitman, taking out all the vampires, ghosts and other unsavory monsters who live among humans, hiding in the shadows by day and emerging at night.” Mike Richardson and Neal Moritz will produce for Dark Horse and Original Film.

If Ward’s name sounds familiar it’s because he was also drafted to write the script for the Hitman sequel. That doesn’t assure me that I can trust his judgment. Universal has really been going through these Dark Horse comics recently. After a while, I think they’ll end up exhausting their source, and move on to another publishing company. I don’t know how I feel about this movie. I’m not excited, but I’m not completely repulsed either.

How do you feel about Criminal Macabre being made into a feature film?