John DeLorean

There seems to be a battle of the screen adaptations over the late John DeLorean‘s life. Currently, there are three movies in the works about the creator of the iconic car from the Back to the Future film series. One of the them now has a director on board. The version by Time Inc./XYZ Films, has signed on Alex Holmes to direct.

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Holmes is the director of the BBC miniseries, The House of Sadam. The particular script for this upcoming biopic is the only version that has the blessing of John DeLorean’s son, Zachary.It was written by Holmes and collaborator Rob Warr. The material behind the biopic is based upon the car makers unpublished memoirs and various articles from Time and Fortune Magazine. The life of John DeLorean is one of extreme highs and lows; he went from a famed inventor to a broke businessman resorting to drug smuggling to raise funds.

To be honest, I don’t understand how there isn’t a movie about this guy already. However, three is a little overkill. Are three films really necessary? I think not. The world only really needs one good one. The 80′s were an interesting decade in itself and when you add on a failed businessman with drug problems, this should equal a watchable movie. What I really want to know is who will play John DeLorean?

What do you think?