A while ago we told you about Fredrik Gertten, the Swedish filmmaker who is being attacked by Dole for his film, Bananas!. Although there was a permanent injunction placed on screening the film, Gertten managed to have the film screened twice at the LA Film Festival and for those of us who missed it, they have now released a trailer for the film that Dole does not want you to see.

Check out the trailer and more on the case below…

The film has to do with the worm-killing pesticide dibromochloropropane that Dole used on bananas grown and was banned in 1979, after workers who came into contact with it became sterile and it produced cancer-causing cells in mice. The documentary takes place in 2007, when Juan J. Dominguez sued Dole on behalf of some of the workers and won a $1.58 million settlement, setting a precedent for foreign workers to sue American companies.

So, you would think that the reason Dole doesn’t want you to see the film is because of the light it sheds on their product. WRONG!

The problem comes after Gertten completed he documentary. The judge overturned the settlement, because it was proven that the claims of the workers and their lawyers, were fraudulent, and the workers never actually worked on the plantation. GASP! Well, either that or they were strong armed or paid off to say that.

Due the the First Amendment Gertten released his film anyway, but Dole says that the film is a lie and shouldn’t be seen. Hell, do they think a films never lied before?

Check out the trailer below…

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The film still stands, even if the facts don’t back it up. Do you think Dole has the right to stop the film because the case was overturned?