Talk about coming out of left field. A trailer has been released via Entertainment Tonight for F. Gary Gray’s thriller, Law Abiding Citizen. It stars Gerard Butler as a mourning father and husband turned serial killer. I too was freaked out by that sentiment. After watching this thing I have to tell you the acting isn’t that great. It co-stars Jamie Foxx , Leslie Bibb, and a whole lot of excessive explosions.

Check out the trailer after the jump…

Was I wrong when I said the acting was a bit underwhelming here? Doesn’t Jamie Foxx sound as if he’s reading directly from the script? I love Gerard Butler to death because he seems like such a sweet guy, but his Scottish accent is always obvious to me. I don’t seek it out, it just catches my attention. The story of the film centers on a man who turns into a vigilante when his families killers are set free after they cop a plea bargain. Law Abiding Citizen hits theaters on October 16th.

Will you check out Law Abiding Citizen this fall?