I knew I wasn’t crazy! There has been a steady trend of reverse aging with Jack Ryan, the lead character from Tom Clancy’s popular book series. Paramount has made it known that they plan on revamping the film franchise based off of the novels. The first actor to play Ryan was Alec Baldwin, the last was Ben Affleck, and as of late everyone’s convinced that George Clooney is next in line for the role. Well, guess what? It’s not happening!

More on why George is out after the jump…

According to IGN, the producer of the upcoming Jack Ryan reboot laughed off rumors that Clooney was cast as the role of the famous character. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura said in a recent interview, “Sorry George…it’s for a young Jack Ryan. I love George, but it’s not written for a man of his age. It’s written for a guy in his early 30s.” In other words, as I have previously suggested, their aging him in reverse. Ben Affleck was 30 when he starred in The Sum of All Fears, which would make his incarnation of Ryan 37. That’s a number Clooney hasn’t seen since his old ER days.

I am sticking with my first pick Ryan Gosling. He’s young, talented, and intelligent enough to pull off such a complex character like Jack Ryan. I say we start the campaign now. It’s bad enough they stole the role of the Green Lantern right from under him, and gave it to the other Ryan [Reynolds].

Who do you think should play the new Jack Ryan?