catalina eclipse

What are they trying to do with the second Twilight sequel? They’re doing crazy stuff like getting credible actors to join their franchise. First, Bryce Dallas Howard and now an Oscar nominated actress. According to Latino Review, Maria Full of Grace star Catalina Sandino Moreno has been cast in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

More on Catalina’s role after the jump…

Moreno has been cast in the role of Maria. She’s a vampire who’s responsible for turning Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) into a bloodsucker, back when he was a Confederate soldier in the 1800′s. He was a victim of her plan to create a legion of powerful vampires. There seems to be a theme going on with the third film that focuses on everybody’s vampire origins. A similar story has been given for the recently cast Jack Huston, who’s character Royce King II will be responsible for the turning of Nikki Reed’s character Rosalie.

Eclipse hits theaters next year on June 30th, while New Moon will drop this fall on November 20th. I’m beginning to think that Catalina Sandino Morena can only do her best work when she plays someone named Maria. What’s that all about? I’m not a Twilight fan by a long shot, but I have to know something. How are they getting all these people to sign on for this third movie? What’s in that script?!

What do you think about the latest addition to the Eclipse cast?