Someone finally got Cameron Diaz to open up about her involvement in the upcoming film adaptation of The Green Hornet. Over at the MTV Spashpage, she decided to break the news that she was starring in the film. Even though she confirmed it at Comic-Con weeks ago. Anyway, she did end up breaking some real news when she discussed her character, and what we can expect from her in this new role.

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As I suspected Ms. Diaz will serve as a love interest for Seth Rogen‘s Green Hornet. It’s an odd combo, but their both goofy, so whatever works. Her character’s name is Lenore “Casey” Case, but unlike her previous incarnations she will not be Britt Reid’s secretary. Instead, she will be “reimagined as a forensics-TV-show loving amateur sleuth who remains in the dark about Green Hornet’s true identity—and is smarting from a recent divorce.” Diaz opened up about how it feels to work on a Michel Gondry film, and her first meeting with the new Kato, Jay Chou.

“I am making Michel Gondry’s movie! I am very, very excited about it. Seth and Michel are awesome, and Jay Chou too,” she said. We’re having a really great time.”

As you can see, the cast has already met and are getting ready to start filming. Chou was literally cast about a week ago and he’s already met Diaz. They move quick! Then again, this movie has had so many snags put into it’s production that I’d want to get on the ball too if I were in their shoes. The Green Hornet hits theaters on June 9, 2010.

What do you think about Diaz’s character in The Green Hornet?