There have been several rumors regarding who will direct the upcoming feature film adaptation of the hit TV series, Battlestar Gallactica. Earlier this week, X-Men director Bryan Singer was at the center of the most recent speculation. Since there was no immediate confirmation, I chalked it up to wishful thinking. But according to a reliable source (Variety), Universal has confirmed that Singer will direct the Battlestar movie!

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It turns out that Singer’s involvement with the film caught a lot of people off guard. Insiders were under the impression that he would helm one of the many X-Men spinoff’s such as the upcoming First Class. It turns out the director has had a connection with Battlestar long before he touched the X-Men franchise. Singer flirted with the idea of making a big screen adaptation of the series, before he even shot the first X-Men movie.

Battlestar fans are serious when it comes to this property so I hope he brings his A-game, and by A-game I mean The Usual Suspects/X2 game. No Superman Returns allowed. I haven’t seen Singer’s last film,Valkyrie, which starred Tom Cruise as the lead. That movie kind and came and went. Battlestar is a beast in more ways than one, so he needs to do it right. Some of my closest friends from back home are obsessed with that show. I can only imagine the pressure Singer is under to produce a quality film to follow up such an extraordinary series.

What do you think about Bryan Singer directing Battlestar Gallactica?