Avatar Day is next Friday, but apparently people can’t wait that long! The event is supposed be the platform for the unveiling of 16 minutes of unseen Avatar footage.Over at MarketSaw they’ve posted a few photos of the blue-green Na’vi creature that appears in the film. It looks as if the images were taken from one of the many scenes shown at this year’s Comic-Con.

If you want to check out some Na’vi bits and pieces keep reading after the jump. Also, here’ our review of Avatar.

These photos are creepy, yet fascinating. If you look closely, especially at the foot, it looks just like a humans. As you know the creatures are CGI renderings, but its so hard to tell the difference. That’s how good the effects are in this movie. I can’t wait to see some legit images that don’t involve the blurry effect, but for now we’ll take what we can get.

What do you think about the latest Avatar photos?

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