submariner movie

When it comes to comic book movies I think it’s best to stay out of the water, but movie studios don’t agree with me. According to /Film,  a live action version of Marvel Comics Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner is actively in development. The movie rights to the comic are still under option at Universal, and the ever growing popularity of comic book based films is keeping the project alive.

Sub-Mariner won’t be making an appearance in The Avengers movie, so you don’t have to worry about that. Yet, he will grace the screen at some point in his own solo feature. Attached to direct the film is Terminator 3 helmer Jonathan Mostow. The director gave an interview over a Collider regarding the project, which seemed a bit incoherent, but Frosty did his best to paraphrase for the man.

The other thing he told me was that the project was in active development. He said the big hang-up is getting the script right and they haven’t cracked it yet. He said making a great super-hero movie is really tough and without the right script it’s impossible. While I’d love to see a movie based on Sub-Mariner, it was refreshing to hear him talk so much about the ensuring the script’s quality before they can make it.

While I commend him on pursuing a script of quality, I think this project as a whole would be an epic fail. OK, maybe not epic but too many people make the comparison between Sub-Mariner and Aquaman, even though they’ve both got their own thing going on. Water heroes aren’t taken as seriously in the comic world. Do you know of any aquatic characters besides these two who would be considered as bad ass?

Should they make a Submariner movie?