Real Networks has gotten on the wrong side of the law. According to Technologizer, the company’s attempt to bring their RealDVD software to the masses is at a standstill. As of late, the company has been battling the major movie studios over their DVD burning software. U.S. Federal District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel, recently ruled in Hollywood’s favor, and granted an injunction against the company.

The argument for Real, is that their product RealDVD is not a “piracy tool.” They believe the software actually helps the movie business.”It adds an extra layer of copy protection to prevent you from doing anything except copying a movie to one hard drive for viewing on one computer at a time.” The studios obviously didn’t buy their sentiment and filed an injunction stopping the product from being sold. RealDVD initially hit shelves back in September, and hasn’t seen the light of day since.


I think studio executives are getting a little paranoid at this point. You can’t even copy your own DVD’s that you paid for? Not to mention the fact that the majority of bootlegged movies come from production houses. I mean come on, the quality on those things are beyond theatrical. Perhaps they need to take a close look at themselves, before throwing everyone else under the bus.

What do you think about the studios going after Real Networks DVD software?