Spiderman Musical

Do you feel that? It’s my Spidey sense telling me there’s trouble with the stage adaptation of the Marvel comic! According to Variety, Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark may be in grave danger. The Recession is real people and we should know by now that no one is immune. The budget for the stage production is no joke, and I think the producers are starting realize that.

Major cash flow problems are rumored to stem from the 35 million dollar price tag that the show garners. There seems to be an income “hiccup” that involves the shows producers, which includes Marvel and Sony Entertainment. This year Marvel didn’t really have any major releases and their profits were down significantly due to that fact. Insiders are suggesting that this money issue will be resolved before the debut of the production early next year. The musical will be directed by Broadway legend, Julie Taymor with music from U2‘s Bono and The Edge.

The cast will include Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane Watson, and Alan Cumming as the Green Goblin. I wonder what this show is going to entail that it comes to a 35 million dollar price tag? Will the Green Goblin have his hover board? Will actual flight be taking place by any of the characters? I believe The Hangover was produced for the same amount of money, and it was shot in Vegas at Caesars Palace. Interesting, indeed.

What do you think of the Spider-Man musical? Do you think the budget is too much?

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