Frankenstein is back! Death Ray Films director Patrick Tatopoulos has signed on to bring the upcoming Darkstorm Comics title I, Frankenstein to the big screen. It will be based on the comic by Underworld creator, Kevin Grevioux who will be working on the project along with Tatopoulos. The film is supposed to have a more mentally developed version of Frankenstein’s monster who plays a no-nonsense taking detective, while Dracula plays the role of a crime kingpin. The image we have below for you, from AICN, is of the bride in the film. It is unbelievable how with no hair and crazy fang-like fingers she still looks very feminine.  This only makes me more anxious to see the movie.

For a view of the full image click below the break:

I Frankenstein Bride 8-11-09Ah

To get a sense of the other characters in the film, here are some more images from, and

What do you think of the character images from the I, Frankenstein film?