The newest kids toy to be targeted as a feature film are the fun building blocks we call Legos.  According to /Film, Warner Brothers is developing a film based on the childhood staple. Screenwriters Dan and Kevin Hageman are currently working on the script, but what will they write about?

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Sure the colorful pieces of plastic that came in different rectangular or square sizes were fun to stack up when we were younger, but what kind of plot can you make of it?At this point in time, the only details surrounding the movie that we know is that it will involve a mix of live action and animation.

This is a format that’s worked before (Toy Story) but you can’t just “copy” the same storyline, can you? Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation) will produce the movie through his Lin Pictures shingle, along with Roy Lee and Doug Davison, who will produce through their Vertigo banner.

What do you think about Hollywood producing a Legos movie?