With Avatar Day (August 21) fast approaching, the news on James Cameron and his highly anticipated film will continue to roll in. Over at Screenrant, they’ve got some quotes from the director regarding his epic project’s story. So much emphasis has been put on the stunning visuals in the film, that the script has gone completely unnoticed. For the first time, in a long time we’ll have a big budget film that’s derived from 100% original material.

Cameron recently spoke about the film’s story and how its a stand alone piece of work.

“It’s simultaneously one of the great strengths and one of the potential weaknesses. We have no brand value. We have to create that brand value. “Avatar” means something to that group of fans that know this film is coming, but to the other the public it’s a nonsense word and we have to hope we can educate them. Well, I shouldn’t say a nonsense word – it doesn’t mean anything specific in terms of a brand association. And in fact there may be even a slight negative one because more people know about the Saturday morning cartoon, the anime, than about this particular film. We’ve got to create that [brand] from scratch.

On the other hand, ultimately, it is probably the film’s greatest strength in the long run. We’ve had these big, money-making franchise films for a long time, “Star Trek” and “Star Wars,” you know, “Harry Potter,” and there’s a certain sort of comfort factor in that; you know what you’re going to get. But there’s no kind of shock of the new that’s possible with that. It’s been a while since something that took us on a journey, something that grabbed us by the lapels and dragged us out the door and took us on a journey of surprise.”

It’s so true. Everything that’s had major box office success already has a familiarity factor to them. With Avatar the only thing I’m familiar with is James Cameron. He’s pretty much placing the quality of this film on his shoulders. It’s been over 14 years in the making, and his first narrative feature after the Oscar winning, record breaking (and still holding) Titanic. On top of all that pressure for the movie, he adds a script with characters and concepts that no one has ever heard of.

I have to respect Cameron’s faith in himself. After August 21st, he should get his first taste of what the film’s December release will feel like.

Do you think Avatar can be a box office success without a built in audience?

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