Something about Judd Apatow’s film Funny People got me thinking. The director pretty much gathered some of the most popular comedic talents he could find with all different types of skills and demeanors and put them in the same movie. While I agree with his choices I couldn’t help think about all the different type of comedians there are out there and what makes each of them so special?

Below are 8 different types of comedians who did not snag themselves a spot in Funny People, but are in fact some of the most funny people out their. Check out our list of actors below…

The Backbone:

Bill Hader

Bill Hader: I’ve come up with my own theory about this guy. I’m convinced that he and SNL co-star Kristen Wiig made a demonic pact on the set of Knocked Up. They both had bit parts in the film, and ever since then they’ve been in every hit comedy for the past two years! He always comes in as the brother, co-worker, or best friend, steals a few laughs and then slides into the background. His comedy is “ninja-like,” he makes you laugh without your permission. Darn you Bill Hader and your sneaky comedy!

The Smart Ass:


Vince Vaughn is someone who’s naturally funny. He’s that fast talker who can hit you with the punchline, before you can comprehend the set up. Sure he plays the same character in 90 percent of his movies, but I enjoy them all! He’s a smart-ass, he knows it, and you’d better know it if you ever meet him. He’s not the type of person who will wait until you leave a room to start talking smack about your hair or wardrobe. He’ll tell you to your face, and present it in a way that kind of hurts your feelings, but still makes you take his suggestions into consideration.

The Cool Cucumber:

jason bateman

Who told David Hogan, I mean Jason Bateman that he could grow up to have impeccable comedic timing? He snuck back onto the scene with Arrested Development and the next thing I know he’s in my face every other week at the movies. Whenever this guy is on screen it doesn’t seem like he’s even trying. It’s so effortless with him, its not fair. He’s so straight forward, and carefree he’s got that whole “eh, it’s whatever” vibe going. He thinks he’s so cool, but secretly it’s because he is.

The British Humor:


Ricky Gervais changed my mind about comedy from overseas because quite frankly, I just didn’t get it. British humor always seemed so “blah,” and forced to me. But after a caught a glimpse of this guy, I quickly changed by tune. He has the delivery of pre-1997 Hugh Grant, with the crass content of Monty Python. I may get the tomatoes thrown at me for this, but BBC’s The Office is better than the NBC version! There I said it, and I don’t care. I know Gervais produces it, but it’s just not the same.

The Funny Girl:

Kristen Wiig in Dewey Cox

Kristen Wiig is the second half of the Hader-Wiig comedy pact. After she mysteriously appeared in Knocked Up alongside Hader, both comedians careers have sky rocketed. Kristen’s a funny chick because she’ll say and do gross stuff and not care. She’s not pretentious, with a straight laced formula (i.e. Tina Fey). Don’t get me wrong a love Tina Fey, but she always plays the quirky girl, who we’re all supposed to think is ugly because she wears glasses. Kristen will dress like a man, let you hit her in the face with a pan, and keep on pushing. You got to love that diversity.

The Sensitive Guy:

I’m a bit bias here because I LOVE Paul Rudd! He makes me laugh because he’s sincerely honest, and yet brutally funny. He’s whats on the other side of that Vince Vaughn brand of comedy. Paul will tell you your faults while making you some hot tea. He comes across as that lovable buddy, who always gets into these weird situations, so you let it slide. He’s the prime example of someone you don’t laugh with, but you laugh at. Oh, shucks Paul.

The Chameleon:


Who told Robert Downey, Jr. he could be funny? I mean really funny. Not only can this guy tell a joke, but he has charisma for days. He’s an attention getter. He makes you want to be his friend, so he can tell you about the nights he spends practicing kung fu in his drive way. Let’s give credit to where credit is due. This guy did his Tropic Thunder commentary in character, as Sgt. Osiris just like he said he would in the film. That’s dedication. This man can go from drama, to comedy at the drop of a hat. Not everyone can’t pull that off but he can, and you know why? Because he’s RDJ, dammit!

The Staple:


Ben Stiller has been making us laugh for over 15 years now. You’d think it was in his blood or something. Oh wait, it is (his parents are comedians Jerry Stiller and Ann Meara). Either way, the guy is funny. There are a few comedians who have their moments of staleness, but he’s remained fresh over the years. He sticks out, I mean this guy went on camera with “man juice” on his ear. That’s right, I said man juice. He’ll portray anything from a monkey to a male model and have you peeing your pants by the time it’s over. Ben’s not to afraid to make fun of himself, and that’s what makes him the ultimate funny guy in my eyes.

Who is your favorite comedic actor? And what’s your favorite quality in a comedy actor?