aaron sorkin facebook

Finally some answers are given as to why critically acclaimed writer Aaron Sorkin decided to board the Facebook movie train. We all wanted to know what sparked his interest in a film based on the social networking site. Over at Makingof, they have a video interview of Sorkin discussing how the movie fell into his lap, and his development progress.

The Facebook feature, which is going by the title The Social Network, has always a movie in the making. In the beginning, a 14 page book proposal was sent out centering on the humble beginnings of Facebook, chronicling it’s start from a Harvard dorm room back in 2003. It turns out the publisher loved it, and sent it over to the studio, because they wanted to set up a film deal immediately.

Out of those 14 pages, by page 3 Sorkin said yes, and was on board. To this day the writer doesn’t know exactly why he responded so strongly to the material. He stated, “It’s the fastest I’ve ever said yes to anything.” He’s close to finishing the first draft of the screenplay. He admits there have been some bumps in the road with the script, but he’s having fun with it.

I want to know what was in that treatment. I think they may focus more on the up and coming success of Facebook from a business standpoint, than the actual site itself. It will probably explain, how it made the transition from a pet project to a billion dollar entity. I wouldn’t mind knowing the answer to that myself.

Are you interested in seeing The Social Network develop into a feature film?