wolverine 2 on its way to japan

I’m going to shift focus from the film that wrapped up the 2009 summer blockbuster season (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) to the one that kicked it off, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. According to /Film, star and producer Hugh Jackman has recently dropped a few hints regarding the upcoming sequel to the hit. He already acknowledged with one of the two surprise endings of the film that Wolvie would be heading to Japan, but now he’s opened up about its current stage of development.

According to Jackman, “Japan is where we’re heading,” he said, “[and] we’re starting to work on it now. We’re in the … first steps of developing that story.” The actor was a winner at last night’s Teen Choice Awards, the ceremony that honors people with surf boards instead of statues. While on stage the actor snuck in a sequel tidbit by saying, “Who knows, maybe Wolverine will use one of these when he heads to Japan.”

So yes, they’re in the early stages of Wolverine’s Japanese storyline. In 1982, Chris Claremont and Frank Miller published a four-issue mini-series that focused on Wolverine venturing to Japan to find his lost love, Mariko Yashida. From that point on he gets on the bad side of her father who happens to who runs a ninja clan called “The Hand.”

There was a huge cry for the Japanese storyline to be explored, but I don’t trust X-Men movies anymore. I will reserve any excitement for when the film actually comes out.

How should they handle the Japanese storyline? Who should they bring in?