Iron Man 2 footage has been “leaked.” While at Comic-Con, director Jon Favreau premiered the first video of the upcoming Marvel sequel. Someone, somewhere put up the clip, and it’s not of the highest quality. I’m sure a lot of you are anxious to see it, but it doesn’t do the film justice at all. Watching a bootlegged copy of the trailer is not best way to be introduced to the awesomeness that is Iron Man 2. We understand why you want to see it, but it really is worth the wait.

Usually studios get pissed about this type of thing, and I’m sure this incident is no different. All those involved probably hit the roof when they found out a dingy, shaky cam version of their hard work had been released for all to see. Yet, Favreau responded to it the best way he knew how. He wrote on his official Twitter, “Thanks for all the encouraging feedback. Will let you know if/when official clean version goes up.” Sounds to me like he’s trying to put a positive spin on something that truly sucks.

If you need something to tide you over until the official copy’s released, you should check out our Iron Man 2 re-enactment. It may not have Robert Downey Jr, but at least, it’s clear and LEGIT!

If you don’t want to wait until an official trailer is released you can venture on over to JoBlo, and catch a glimpse of the unauthorized action. Personally, I’d wait for the real deal. These things never stay up and were intended for those who stood in line for hours on end at Comic-Con.

What do you think of the leaked footage from Iron Man 2? Are you going to hold out for the legit version?