Life isn’t fair — In One Love, a short film by D.J. Matrundola, this point is clear and powerful — we don’t always get what we want, in fact, we rarely do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good person, bad things will happen to you, and just to make matters worse, good things will happen to bad people around you. It’s not that we don’t know that these things happen in life, but we do forget, and if you want a reminder, One Love is perfect for that. The film is similar to Crash, showing us different lives throughout the film and blending them together into one.

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The Plot:

One Love is a 15 minute film that shows us a brief moment in the lives of four couples who are facing the misfortunes of starting a family. As most embrace the blessing of a new life, one will be dreading it. We witness the problems that can arise with bringing a new baby into the world, and how couples react differently when their expectations are not met.

The Good:

  • The chemistry: Although this is a short film the chemistry between each couple falls right into place. Whether the couple has been involved in a longer relationship like Olivia (Polly Shannon) and Jeff (Josh Kimmel), who are about to have their first baby, or Lucy and Joe, who just met each other, the chemistry between all the characters feels real and tangible.
  • The acting: The thing about short films is that the acting has to be extra good in order to make the audience really believe what’s going on in a limited time frame. The actors in One Love manage to get through their stories in a short amount of time.
  • The cinematography: The shots in this film really make you pay attention. The film takes place in one of two places; a bar at the beginning of the film and later at a hospital. Each scene is shows us a different life, but D.J. Matrundola successfully takes the same hospital and molds it into the lives of each couple. His visual style is concise, being depressing or hopeful when it needs to be.
  • The story-line: This film has four story lines based on four different couples and each story is different in a unique yet relatable way. We all have seen, or probably know that couple that wants to have a baby, but can conceive and always puts their hopes on a pregnant woman who promises to give them her child, but at the last minute changes her mind. One Love includes many heartbreaking story plots that will relate to everyone, not necessarily in a good way, but in a powerful way.

The Bad:

  • The ending: Perhaps it’s because I haven’t watched that many short films, but the ending in One Love seemed more like a pause. I was left with so many questions of what happened with the other couples. If only it could have been a feature….


This is a great short film because the point is extremely clear — in life, we don’t get what we want, and it doesn’t matter if we are good people or bad people. One Love manages to say a lot in a short amount of time without being too cheesy or too dramatic, and it leaves you thinking. Can’t wait to see more from the filmmakers.

Rating: 8.5/10