Jay chou cast as kato green hornett

Some major casting news has just broke regarding the upcoming big screen adaptation of The Green Hornet. Sony Pictures has confirmed via their Twitter account (creepy) that Jay Chou has been cast as Kato in the film. He is replacing Stephen Chow in the role Bruce Lee originated on television. Chow was also set to direct the film, but stepped down and was replaced by Michel Gondry.

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Chou is a Taiwanese actor, singer, and producer who’s probably best known for his role in the 2006 film, Curse of the Golden Flower.  He’s only 30 years old, and already has quite an impressive resume. This information has just been released so there aren’t many details at the moment regarding his casting. We’ll be following the story as it develops, and hopefully we’ll get a statement from Seth Rogen or Gondry on why Chou was chosen.

**Update*** Over at Latino Review they’ve gotten word from director Gondry, and the recently cast Chou. Here are their official statements below.

Gondry: “Jay is incredibly unique and charming and fights like a wild dog! When I filmed him next to Seth, they had such great chemistry, and I knew the movie will be great.”

Chou: “It’s an overwhelming experience to take on a role made famous by Bruce Lee.  I won’t try to be Bruce Lee’s Kato – I will try to bring my own interpretation to the part.  Of course, it’s a dream role, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

It’s finally happened. The uncertain film adaptation seems to have found it’s legs. It has a director, it’s two leading stars, and a major studio behind it.

What do you think about Jay Chou being cast as Kato? Can he pull it off?