I’m getting whiplash from all of these reviews and opinions about this weekend’s G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. As you may know, Paramount opted against screening the film for the press before it’s theatrical release. For the most part, the few critics who did see the movie thought it was a lot better than expected. Then I found an article on Rueters that seems to say the exact opposite! Just when you get a glimpse of hope for tshi film, it’s shot down by harsh reality.

Frank Scheck the author of the review entitled, “G.I. Joe Should be Court-martialed” implies that this movie is the brain dead blockbuster everyone expected it to be.

The latest action franchise seemingly designed to further spread the incidence of ADD among youth the world over, “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” plays like a sequel to a film that was never made.

Ouch! In another not so surprising move, the writer critiques the cheesy dialogue and bad acting as the film’s primary faux pas. Interestingly enough I can stand by his dialogue statement. The few scenes I have watched had a major cornball factor to them. As for the casting, the only person I buy in their role oddly enough is Rachel Nichols. Maybe its the hair dye, who knows. Channing Tatum is not the Duke I knew and loved as a child.

Could it be that the critics who weren’t paid off by the studio are finally voicing their real opinions? The film is already in theaters so I don’t know how important it will be to movie goers at this point.

Do you think G.I. Joe will be as bad or good as everyone suggests?