robin hood movie

How many Robin Hood films can viewing audiences take? We will soon find out, because Ridley Scott‘s not the only person who’s making a feature about the guy. According to the RiskyBizBlog, Warner Bros is developing a Robin Hood movie with the aid of Dark Knight producer Charles Roven, and 300 producer Gianni Nunnari.

From all the photos we’ve seen from the Ridley Scott set, his Robin Hood tale will be more traditional than the one Warner’s is creating. “It will be set in a dystopian London and center on a band of thieves whose activities restore hope to the city’s embattled population. It’s “a futuristic action adventure” that will be “both inspired by and pay homage to the legend of Robin Hood.” As for the film’s helmer, Danish commercial director Nicolai Fuglsig will take the reigns.

Fuglsig originally pitched the idea for the film to it’s producers, and was signed on to direct shortly after. Roven states, “His stunning visual presentation blew me away. He has a very clear vision for the film, one that will re-invent and modernize a classic story.” This isn’t Warner Bros first entry into the Robin Hood saga. They’ve produced several versions including the 1938 classic that starred Errol Flynn in the title role. Plus, who can forget their 1991 blockbuster Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which starred Kevin Coster and Morgan Freeman?

Are you interested in a futuristic take of the Robin Hood story?