We all know who said: “I’m the King of the world” and “Say Hello to my little friend!” Most people can’t help but immitate Leonardo DiCaprio hanging from the front of the Titanic and Al Pacino about to shoot his machine gun, while saying those lines. There are certain movies that will never be forgotten in pop culture and of those movies we have movie lines that always bring us back to the character and the actors who portrays those characters.

Watch the 100 best movie lines video in 200 seconds below…

It is no surprise that in the list of ”100 best movie lines”, Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Jack Nicholson garnered the most appearances with four apiece, with Tom Hanks (Life is like a box of chocolates), Brad Pitt, and Marlon Brando all not far behind.

Arnold’s line “I’ll be back” is as famous as anything else he has been associated with. His character in Terminator will always be remembered by action movie audiences worldwide. Who can forget the former body builder turned actor turned politician when he said ‘Hasta la vista, baby”?

Jack Nicholson has been in so many great movies, it was only right that he had some of the best movies lines in history.  My absolute favorite was when he passionately screams, “You can’t handle the truth” in A Few Good Men. Classic.

Which Movie line is the most memorable for you? Do you have one that didn’t make the list?