I know this is highly inappropriate but, WHY?!!! According to Empire, actor Johnny Depp is no longer attached to Terry Gilliam’s upcoming film, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Talk about depressing casting news. Gilliam himself has confirmed that Depp has quit the project, which will officially begin shooting next year.

After what seems like the longest development process ever, there has been movement on the Don Quixote front. Unfortunately, in this case you have to take the positive with the negative. According to the director, “I can now honestly say that I’m not working with Johnny on Don Quixote. He’s booked himself up on a lot of other films.” By those other films, he means Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, The Lone Ranger, and Dark Shadows which are all set to start production next year, or soon after.

Even though the actor’s over active slate has put a damper on his return to the film, Gilliam still tries to find some humor in the situation. “I want to shoot Don Quixote next year. He [Depp] said he’s not available and we have both agreed that I’m going to die soon, so it would be nice to get this film under my belt.” So hilarious, but so sad. I really wanted to see this happen. Why does the world have to be so cruel?

What do you think of Johnny Depp’s decision to leave Don Quixote? Who could replace him?