joe Eszterhas

The man who penned the screenplay for the racy 1992 thriller Basic Instinct is ready to tackle a subject of a higher power. According to Yahoo, Joe Eszterhas is writing a script based on the Virgin of Guadalupe.  Yep, he’s going there. The Virgin of Guadalupe is a 16th century piece of art that features the impression of the Virgin Mary on a former peasant’s cloak. It can still be seen today in Mexico City, at the Basilica de Guadalupe.

Eszterhas has been well known for his notorious smoking and drinking habits back in the day, but when he was diagnosed with throat cancer he overcame his afflictions and found God. Therefore his jump from sinner to sanctified isn’t that far fetched. “This is a labor of love for me,” Eszterhas said. “I have been hoping for some time to write a film that is both entertaining and inspiring.” The untitled Guadalupe film is being written for Mpower Pictures, who also backed Mel Gibson‘s The Passion of the Christ.

This will definitely be a different direction for the writer who’s best known for his risque stories. Besides Basic Instinct, he penned Showgirls, Sliver, and Jade, all of which were filled with excessive sexual content. What a leap!

What do you think of Joe Eszterhas taking on the Virgin of Guadalupe?