We knew this was coming. Ever since the unfortunate and unexpected death of Michael Jackson there have been rumors that a feature film was in the works. According to MTV, this speculation has been confirmed as fact. Columbia Pictures has agreed to pay 60 million dollars for the rights to produce and distribute the film, which will include rehearsal footage from the artist’s comeback tour.

The deal was finalized on Friday, between Columbia (which is owned by Sony), concert promoter AEG Live, and several of Jackson’s representatives. The last and final step of this deal making process lies on the shoulders of a judge and Jackson’s mother Katherine. Monday a hearing will take place, where she will be given the opportunity to voice any concerns she may have about the project. Here are some of the stipulations of the agreement so far:

The deal includes the rights to more than 100 hours of rehearsal footage, clips that were intended to be used during Jackson’s comeback concerts at London’s O2 arena, as well as merchandising, special DVD editions and product tie-ins. Jackson’s company would receive 90 percent of the movie’s profits, and AEG would receive the rest.

The film must also be rated no harsher than PG, with an allotted run time of under 150 minutes.  Obviously, the most important condition of all is that it can’t show Jackson in a negative light. The film will be screened by Jackson’s people no later than October 2, so it can have a theatrical release around Halloween.

Why does it have to hit theaters around that time? That rubs me the wrong way, but to each his own. I know that there’s hours of footage of him lying around, but I feel as if this movie is more about making money than honoring a performer.

Will you go see the Michael Jackson Movie?