Surprise, surprise, Katherine Heigl will star in yet another romantic comedy — but wait, what’s this? Apparently Gerard Butler isn’t the only man she’s pulled from big-bang explosion films, she’s now recruiting Josh Duhamel to her rom-com lair. Collider reports that Duhamel is in the talks of joining Heigl in the Warner Brothers upcoming romantic comedy Life As We Know It.

The film centers around the two single, career-oriented adults (Duhamel and Heigl), who have their lives turned upside down when their mutual best friends die in an accident and name then as caregivers of their young daughter. Sounds more like romantic tragedy than a romantic comedy, but leave it to Heigl to turn a frown upside down; Heigl will serve as producer to the rom-com alongside Greg Berlanti, who also wrote the script.

Even though the Transformers‘ star is better known for his role as Major Lennox, this isn’t Duhamel’s first leap into the romantic comedy world. Duhamel recently finished When In Rome, which also stars Kristin Bell. But I suppose that making a romantic comedy next to Heigl is considered “swimming with the big sharks.” The actress currently stars in the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. (Watch out Sandra Bullock someone is after your day job!)

What do you think of Duhamel’s leap into romantic comedies? We would love to know.