ben lyons ben mankiewicz

My prayers have been answered! I used to be an avid fan of my the weekly series, At the Movies with Ebert and Roeper, as I’m sure a lot of you were. After ABC’s decision to take the show in a new direction with two new hosts, I decided to jump ship. They replaced the longstanding Richard Roeper and Roger Ebert with Ben Mankiewicz and Ben Lyons! Now that decision has come back to bite them in the a**!

I have never watched an episode of the revamped show, so I can’t begin to tell you about its faults. What I can say is that a lot of you must have also decided to tune out because those new guys are gone! According to Cinematical, ratings for the show were not up to par with their predecessors and it’s producers have opted to replace the current hosts. They’ve decided to go with the Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips and the New York TimesA.O. Scott, both of whom have sat in for Ebert on several occasions.

Thank God for small favors. I was literally disgusted when I heard Ben Lyons was going to be on that show. I can not take that guy seriously. Whenever he comes on screen to review anything, I get that gross frat boy vibe. Ben Mankiewicz was O.K., but he needs to stick to doing introductions on Turner Classic Movies when Robert Osborne is on vacation.

How do you feel about the two Bens getting the boot? Did you stop watching the show after they were hired?