Here’s a stretch. According to THR, the creator of the now defunct Prison Break Paul Scheuring, is ready to make his feature directorial debut. The film is entitled The Experiment, and is an American remake of the Oliver Hirschbiegel 2001 German film of the same name. The featured cast is sprinkled with everyone from Oscar winners to former models.

See who’s on board with The Experiment after the jump.

The story for this film is based on actual events. Back in 1971, researchers conducted an experiment at Stanford University that sought to find out how ordinary people would react in a prison situation went horribly awry. As you might expect things didn’t turn out the way they planned. Oscar winners Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker have joined the cast alongside Lost alum Maggie Grace, and up and comer Travis Fimmel.

Brody will star as a the leader of the prisoners, while Whitaker will be the leader of the guards. Sounds a little West Side Story doesn’t it? Fimmel has a role as one of the prison guards, that sources say Elijah Wood was up to play. Grace will be the counterpart to Brody’s character. In terms of casting how do you go from a Hobbit to an ex-Calvin Klein model? It must be a broad role. I love of how Paul Scheuring just can’t let the concept of prison go, but to each his own.

What do you think about the cast of the upcoming film, The Experiment?