The beautiful actress, mostly known for her dramatic and action packed roles is looking towards the softer side of movie making. According to Yahoo News, Zhang Ziyi will try her hand at comedy with the upcoming film Sophie’s Revenge. The film is written and directed by Chinese-American filmmaker Eva Jin, and will show a side of the actress the general public has never seen before.

Sophie’s Revenge is just about that,….revenge! Zhang will play “a comic book artist who plots to get her fiance back after losing him to an actress.” According to her, “We will follow Sophie’s journey in the movie, crying with her and laughing with her. I hope a story like this will resonate with everyone,” Zhang said. The film will be released in China on August 14th and in South Korea on August 20th.

I’m not sure if and when Sophie’s Revenge will hit American theaters. You know how hard it is to find international cinema that’s been recently released? I usually have to search far and wide for that stuff, and even then I can’t get my hands on it until a year or two after it’s initial debut. I’m interested in seeing this movie, because I want to see if Zhang has comedic timing. We all know she can take a hit, but can she tell a joke?

Would you like to see Zhang Ziyi in a comedy?