In the past few years, the entertainment industry has really taken a hit; between the writers strike a couple years ago and the economic recession, they’re probably over all the bullshit. However, at a time when studios have seriously lowered their expectations, Marvel was met with a nice surprise. The revenue earned in the second quarter of this year was higher than expected. The reason behind the increase was, “stronger than anticipated operating performance in the first half of 2009.”

Last quarter, they made a profit of $29 million, which was down from the $46.7 million they earned a year ago. Their overall profit thus far is $116.3 million, which is down from last year’s $156.9 million. I’m sure the executives are a little happy right now. The strength of this studio comes from the fact that they are able to license out a lot of characters for various projects. Plus, their movies tend to do fairly well in theaters and in the DVD market.

However, when the amount of licensing deals decrease, as it has over the past year, so does their revenue. Compared to last year, it feels like there haven’t been a lot of theatrical releases by Marvel. There are quite a few movies in development, but nothing set for immediate release. I guess they can always depend on the nostalgia factor. There will always be tons of little boys in the world who will want a toy or game with their favorite super hero.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter