Before Heath Ledger’s death, he was in the process of directing a music video with indie rock group, Modest Mouse,  for their song, “King Rat.” In 2007, Ledger and Modest Mouse singer, Isaac Brock, had discussed the idea of doing the video for the yet-to-be-released song. The purpose behind the music video is to raise awareness of illegal commercial whale hunting off the Australia coast.

At the time of Ledger’s death, the video was unfinished, but was planned “down to the last detail.” The animation was done by the film company, The Masses, of which Ledger was a partner in.

Early today we posted the video on BeatCrave with more information on the making of it, but you can check it out now below…

King Rat

It’s really nicely done. What a shame…

What do you think of the video? Do you think Ledger would have made a good feature film director?