After the success of last year’s Wanted I’m not surprised that we’ve got another gun toting comic based film coming our way. According to Variety, Top Cow Productions are partnering up with Maudeville producers David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman to bring Alibi to the big screen.

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Alibi centers on John Stephens, the world’s best assassin. He’s good at his job, and even better at staying out of jail. John has a cold hard alibi that constantly keeps him from ending up in the clink. But what will happen when that person is discovered to be his twin brother?!! Dun, dun, dun! Alibi producer David Hoberman is excited to work with the mysterious content from the book and putting it on screen. He stated, “What I love about ‘Alibi’ is the great synthesis between the paranoia of ‘Three Days of the Condor’ with the action of the Jason Bourne movies.”

They just said the magic words in my world, “Jason Bourne Movies.” Intelligent action thrillers are my weakness! Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no writer, director, or actors attached to the film. It’s very much in the early stages of development. I am sure that they are trying to replicate that winning, Wanted formula even though I know a lot of people who weren’t fans of the adaptation.

What do you think about an Alibi movie? Do you think it can work?