If you were hoping to see Jason Bourne roaming around the silver-screen sometime soon, you’re in for a long wait. Collider reported that Matt Damon was asked about the fourth installment while promoting his History Channel special The People Speak, and what he said is somewhat of a bubble-buster for fanatics.

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“None of us have kind of seen the script yet and Paul Greengrass is still cutting a movie that we worked on.”

Enough said Damon, we get it. There you have it folks, the star of the franchise himself hasn’t seen a script from new writer George Nolfi, who was reportedly hired by Universal to write the fourth script. Perhaps no one was happy with the rough draft, or everyone is too busy with other projects? Either way, it seems that another installment of the Bourne franchise will take a while.

Just in case you’re a big Damon fan, you can catch him in theaters October 9th as Mark Whitacre in The Informant.

Are you eager for a another Bourne?