Most of you probably know that actor/comedian Tom Arnold has clearly stated that he would be reuniting with True Lies director James Cameron and his co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger for a movie next year. He said the movie would be on, “a day after Arnold stops being governor of California.” I’m sorry, but that just sounds ridiculous. With Cameron busy working on finishing the action-packed Avatar, and Mr. Schwarzenegger finishing up his last term as governor, there is no way that this project is still going on.

Below I have posted the trailer of the 1994 film, but while watching it, I came across some pretty coincidental situations and quotes. In the film, Schwarzenegger plays Harry Tasker, a secret agent living a double life. We all know Schwarzenegger’s actor-turned-politician story was a big scandal in the early part of this decade, but looking back it feels like True Lies predicted his future scenario. Perhaps Cameron knew something we didn’t, since he wrote the screenplay.

There’s also a part in the trailer where Tasker’s wife, Helen  (Jamie Lee Curtis), says, “It’s not like he’s saving the world,” and from experience — living all of my life in Los Angeles — I can tell you, I agree with Helen Tasker; Schwarzenegger is not saving the world, he’s not even saving California. Perhaps he should have stuck to his acting career.

Check out the 1994 True Lies trailer below:

It seems rather improbable that the day will come when the Terminator sensation will return to the silver screen and leave California in the hands of another — it has been six long years. But if Tom Arnold is right, and his statement true, I’m sure the project will be a huge a hit (especially with James Cameron at the helm) like the last one.

What do you think of a True Lies reunion? Excited to see Schwarzenegger back on the big screen?