Whenever it comes to Halo news I feel like I’m in an rocky relationship. One minute things are a go, the next they’re not. At this year’s Comic-Con, Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp filled us in on their involvement with the live action adaptation of Halo. According to Jackson it wasn’t a pleasant experience for him, Blomkamp, or Microsoft. So, who’s next to tackle this epic story? G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra screenwriter Stuart Beattie has a script ready to go, and believes that this film not only has to, but needs to be made.

The Halo film was a dream project for rookie director Blomkamp, who unfortunately doesn’t have the fondest memories of the movie making experience. Here’s what he had to say about his past involvement with the project.

“I think I was so invested in it for those months that we worked on it, it’s a very difficult thing to work on something and get into it like that, like that amount of creative intensity and then just have the rug pulled out from underneath you.”

Jackson chimed in by stating:

“As much as we had a terrible experience ultimately with the way that Halo fell over, I think Microsoft also shared that. They were very frustrated. I think that’s something they’re figuring out so we’re not involved at the moment, but obviously I think we just have to let them figure out what they want to do with the property they own.”

Luckily for Beattie he wasn’t involved with the Halo script during this time. He actually started writing the feature script as a labor of love. He really believes that the Halo story needs to be told on the big screen. It’s just the matter of getting the once burned Microsoft to give it another shot.

“I’ve been relentlessly at it for the last year and a half now, trying to convince Microsoft to make it, and trying to find a big filmmaker who wants to make it with us. I have a lot of hope for the Halo film, it’s not dead in my book. I won’t let it die.  It’s too good to let go, I mean it’s our generation’s Star Wars. The whole thing is so cinematic, I just think it’s dying to be done.” Anything I can do to be a part of it, to help get it going, I’ll do it.”

I couldn’t agree more. I can really appreciate Beattie’s passion for the Halo story. That’s the kind of vigor and dedication you’ll need to rally behind something this big. So there is hope! He won’t let it die.

Do you want to see Halo on the big screen? Should Microsoft give it another try?