How many of you remember the 1950 film Harvey, which starred the legendary James Stewart? It was based off of the 1944 Pulitzer Prize winning play of the same name by author Mary Chase. Super producer and director Steven Spielberg must be a fan, because he has officially taken on the task of bringing Harvey to the big screen one more time. According to Yahoo News, Spielberg has just signed on to direct the classic film about a man and his rabbit.

Harvey told the story of “a big-hearted eccentric who’s branded a crackpot for claiming to have a 6-foot tall invisible rabbit buddy.” This was of course the perfect role for someone like Stewart who could pull off the innocence and naivety of such a character. As for Spielberg’s updated version, casting has just begun so we don’t know who will take on the lead role as of yet. According to Variety, the director has been reaching out to a select group of actors that he’s short listing for the role, such as Tom Hanks and Will Smith.

I think both Smith and Hanks would be good choices, but I think Hanks might be able to pull off the eccentric quality of Harvey without it being too funny or over the top. It makes me think of his performance in Big. Smith might come off as a bit too comedic and you might lose the heart of the character in the midst of that.

What do you think about Spielberg directing Harvey? Who do you think should be cast as the lead?