The star of the critically acclaimed film, The Hurt Locker has been gaining some serious momentum in recent weeks. Jeremy Renner just signed on to star in the Ben Affleck film The Town, and now there are rumors that he may take over the role that made Mel Gibson a phenomenon, Mad Max! According to Empire, the actor may be set to star as the lead in Mad Max 4, which is currently titled, Fury Road.

So much speculation has been made about the upcoming film that director George Miller has been talking about for years. In a recent interview Renner stated, “I’m also fighting to do the new Mad Max film… That might be next summer. I’m screen-testing and meeting George Miller.” Hmmm, so I take it this new movie won’t include Gibson as previously suggested. Back in 2006, Miller himself said he felt that Mel’s Max had run his course.

“The time has gone where Mel can run around the wasteland. I think the last opportunity was about four years ago and, y’know, the character’s lean and hungry. He was 21 when he first played Mad Max and he’s now in his 50s. Also I think he’s much more interested in what’s happening behind camera than in front.”

I don’t know how much of an argument that is considering the fact that since that interview we’ve seen Rocky Balboa, Live Free Die Hard, and most recently Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I can understand him not wanting it to be completely “Mel-centered,” but a brief appearance would be nice. As for Renner, I’m not against him working on the film, but it would be nice to see some type of passing of the torch that involves the actor who originated the role.

Do you think Renner would make a good Max? Do you think Mel Gibson should make an appearance in the new film?