I’m kind of surprised at the reviews that have been released for this Friday’s G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. I haven’t been particularly excited to see the film, as many other people I know. Yet, something must be in the water, because a lot of the reviews I’ve read have been surprisingly……good! I’m not saying the movie is Citizen Kane, but it hasn’t rated as low as anticipated.

Check out some excerpts from the latest G.I. Joe reviews after the jump!

Here’s what some people had to say regarding the film’s questionable casting.

The casting worked 100% including Joseph Gordon Levitt and Sienna Miller who, based on early feedback, were the characters fans were most worried about. Ray Park as Snake Eyes was my favorite part of the movie. I swear I am going to get an Arashikage tattoo on my arm, he is so awesome.Some of the our readers chimed in early on regarding Marlon Wayans as Ripcord. Yes, I too cringed when that announcement was made. But guess what? He was great, his humor wasn’t over the top as it usually is plus he has one of the best lines of the film involving the famous G.I. Joe kung fu grip! [IESB]

There are perhaps just too many characters to take on board, but when it works well it’s spectacular. Sienna is cool and classy as the gun-toting Baroness, while Tatum has the square-jawed heroism to convince as the Duke. []

On the portrayal of technology in the film:

Now how “goofy” is the tech of the film? It really isn’t. As a geek, I read about as many military inventions and crazy tech as I can get my hands on. So their INVISIBLE SUIT – I read that story last year in the papers. The accelerator suits, the Army has absolutely been heading in that direction. Energy weapons? Yup, they’re working on it. So this NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE – I give it to them. And as any dog tag wearing JOE freak will attest, there’s so much tech that didn’t exist in just about every episode. That’s what I loved. [AICN]

The action sequences and special effects:

The action shifts from dense forests, to subterranean facilities, to the streets of France, to underwater bases, to high-altitude jet fights and a number of places in-between. The major sequences are both intense and sufficiently humorous, laden with eye-rolling, though faintly charming, one-liners and a speaker-shattering, non-stop barrage of explosions, chases, shoot-outs and sword fights. The action is well paced and the effects – much like the cinematography itself – blend the tangibly real and the colorfully cartoonish in a way that captures the spirit of G.I. Joe. [IGN]

The pacing:

GI Joe rarely pauses for anything so gauche as character development or real plot development. Hell – it barely pauses, period! From the film’s oddly historical prologue, the screen is either filled with brooding, scenery chewing, flashbacks or the kind of epic action set pieces normally reserved the ending of a James Bond film. In fact, that’s easily the best way to describe the film – imagine the climax of just about every Bond adventure, and then edit them all together into one hyperkinetic sequence. [AtomicMPC]

The Overall Verdict:

If your movie tastes run to guns, explosions, special effects, hunky soldiers, evil villains and beautiful women in super-tight outfits then look no further – GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra is for you! []

Bottom line it worked great. The cast looked great, the costumes looked good on screen, the weapons were awesome and the story moved along pretty smoothly without any major plot holes. There were enough references and cameos to keep die hard G.I. Joe fans happy. But if this film is your first encounter with the Joes, no worries, it did a great job introducing the core team to newbies. [IESB]

The bad buzz this film’s been generating all summer might fall on deaf ears. We’ll see what happens when G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra opens in theaters this Friday on August 7.

Do you think G.I. Joe will be better than expected this weekend?