Why does this cinematic plague continue to haunt theaters? The Saw franchise refuses to die, and this latest tidbit is proof of that. According to Shocktillyoudrop, there will be a Saw VII and it will be presented in glorious 3-D. Last night one of their reporters met up with the film’s co-writer Marcus Dunstan at the premiere of The Collector. From there he broke the news that Saw VII will be the next horror film to hop on the three dimensional bandwagon.

The announcement of another Saw film occurred much earlier than usual, but the cat was let out of the bag due to the time constraints the project will be under. Producing a 3-D film will take a little longer, so they need to get the buzz started now. The film is expected to drop in 2010, and will once again be written by Dunstan and Patrick Melton. As you may know Saw VI will be hitting theaters later this year on October 23.

They produced My Bloody Valentine in 3-D, the upcoming Final Destination film will be in 3-D, and so many other projects I don’t have the energy to mention. Do some people think having a film in 3-D will save it from a crappy script? A bad movie is still a bad movie, no matter how you dress it up. I stopped watching the Saw series after IV, and even that was on DVD at a friends house. How are these things still going?

Will you go see Saw VII in 3-D?