It’s happening people. There will be a prequel added to the highly successful Alien series. According to Variety, the film will receive a creative jolt from screenwriter Jon Spaihts.  He has been tapped by 20th Century Fox to bring the Alien franchise back to it’s former glory. In other news, it’s also been confirmed that Ridley Scott will be back to direct the film, which he will also produce via his Scott Free Productions.

You might ask yourself, who is this Jon Spaihts? Well, he has written and rewritten several scripts for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Fox has hired him to rewrite The Darkest Hour, which Timur Bekmambetov is producing, and he’s also writing Children of Mars for Disney. Even after that he will follow suit by rewriting St. George and the Dragon for Sony and Red Wagon. Spaihts got the Alien gig after he went into a meeting with Fox and Scott, where he pitched his idea for the film, which will take place before the 1979 original.

Can you believe this is happening? After the last Alien movie I became spent on this franchise. I’m not sure if I’m down for another one, whether it’s a prequel or sequel. How are they going to pull this off? Will it be a crew of newbies that no one cares about? You can’t have Alien without Ellen Ripley, that’s why they brought her back in the previous films under such outlandish circumstances. I have a strange feeling about this.

Are you interested in seeing an Alien prequel?