Music video turned feature film director Marc Webb may jump from an indie romance to an epic musical with his next project. According to the Risky Biz Blog, after the staggering success of last year’s Mamma Mia, Universal wants to bring another stage classic back to the big screen. The rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar is their project of choice, and Webb’s name has been brought up as a director of interest.

The pairing of Webb with a musical of this caliber isn’t as far fetched as some might think. Like a lot of other film directors his career began in music. He’s directed videos for some of the biggest acts in the world including Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and The Used. Even his feature film debut 500 Days of Summer has an underlying musical theme. The original film version of Superstar debuted in 1973, and was directed by Norman Jewison. During it’s conception, it definitely reflected the times with the majority of it’s characters portrayed as hippie-types.

Could Marc Webb bring a modern take to a somewhat dated classic? I don’t doubt the man’s ability to mesh music and film, but I’ve personally never sat through the original version. Something about Jesus “rocking out” really scared me. I always felt as if he was yelling at the audience, and that was intimidating. Perhaps, the new Superstar will feature a calmer more serene Christ?

Do you think Marc Webb should direct the remake of Jesus Christ Superstar?